Oil Paintings


A painting I did of the beautiful third world countries that are not in the chain of consumerism. It is a canvas cloth that is hanged with nails.  It is done with oil painting.


This painting is about consumerism using the many vehicles and traffic congestion in Hawaii.  In the middle of the painting there is a homeless man figure.  The medium I used on this is aerosol(spray paint) and Oil paint.  The use of aerosol is a urban medium that I am very fond with.  The measurement of this painting is on a 6 ft by 7 ft stretched canvas.  The painting is taken in the Art Building of University of Hawaii at Manoa.


A painting of local filipino farmers, gathering and cooking together for the American Vacationers.  Although it is a third world country, there is certainly enjoyment, fulfillment and brotherhood in the way they carry themselves.  I used oil paint on a gallery size canvas.

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