Mural for Brandi and Veronica’s living room.

My friend Jerry Talagancrazy told me about another gig.  So I went, fastest and most colorful mural or painting I have done so far.  Thanks Jerry.  Thanks Mekur for helping me.  Thanks Brandi and Veronica for the space and opportunity. Thanks for a pic also!

A birthday banner for my friends niece.

I was asked by my friend to create a banner for her niece.  Here is what I made for his nieces birthday and baptismal.  It is done on drop-cloth and aerosol.

Murals I helped created

Here is a mural I help do with fellow artist.  It is a mural that is made with aerosol(spray paint). thank you to 808 urban     A 20 feet high mural I help to paint.  “Aloha” Mural.  See if you can find the letters that is hidden.  It shows symbols of cultures of Waipahu….

Oil Paintings

A painting I did of the beautiful third world countries that are not in the chain of consumerism. It is a canvas cloth that is hanged with nails.  It is done with oil painting. This painting is about consumerism using the many vehicles and traffic congestion in Hawaii.  In the middle of the painting there…

Daton Magazine

I had the pleasure to be featured in Daton Magazine of University of Hawaii at Manoa. Mahalos to Manong Julius, Ilokano program, Timpuyog Organization.