New Years Social Media post


This is a quick illustration from reference of how messy but organized my desk is.  The year 2016 has just begun and I can’t wait to establish healthier habits.  This part of the list of my 2016 New Years Resolution.

(Now) Half the year has gone by, and I am disappointed to say I’m not even close to that 1$ Million goal.  Despite that, I see improvements in some of these goals, and to me that is all that matters.  Just like that saying goes: “It is not about the destination but the journey”. Illustration is my hobby and I am happy to announce that I have the opportunity to illustrate for established Hawai‘i Magazines.  This social media illustration I created was for an online magazine called Hnlflow.  I have donated my time and design to them to have an opportunity to improve and tighten my technical skills. I’ve also picked up photography as a hobby.  I am growing my equipment collection and collected a few photos for my portfolio.

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