Eat the Streets- Wahiawa


Eat the streets is one of Hawaii’s largest local food event! They have local food vendors that serve food that you haven’t tasted before.  Every month they have specialized theme for the event such as chocolate or Bacon.  Some vendors are exclusively found only in Eat the Streets.  It is also a place to test out a recipe for new business owners. Just that makes my mouth salivate.

Although I didn’t get paid in food, it was still a pleasure to create an illustration for two of their events. This is another great opportunity to establish more work to support local events in Oahu with my illustration.  Supporting local businesses is really big in Hawaii community.  I want to keep Hawaii’s economy within Hawaii’s economy.

Eat the Streets have pop-up festivals in different places in Oahu. Here are two fliers to show their diversity. The events are always family friendly and welcomes all food lovers! Many of the food vendors are local, so you are for sure getting quality fresh ingredients.

For future event fliers, I will improve it by making it more festive.  I will use many colors and play with light.  Usually the events are during the night, so there is the elements of light I can incorporate in my flier.  I will work on transparent elements and more textures in the near future.  One thing that I really enjoy in my illustration are my details.  I will definitely push more details in my illustration so that there will be more to appreciate and discover!

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