Art&Flea 6th Year Anniversary


It has been about three years that I’ve been supporting Art and Flea. Back in 2013, I was a young student in University of Hawaii at Manoa.  I recently changed majors from Psychology into Art.  Doing live art and illustrating part time helped me with my transition between my majors.  It wasn’t easy because I have very strict parents who just wanted me to have a good job. While being an illustrator in Hawai’i did not sit well for them.  But illustrating for Art and Flea really helped me find my place.  It gave me the confidence to pursue my love for illustration.  I felt that I can still survive making a living in Hawaii as an illustrator.  It is a great outlet for talents and creative!  It helped me hone my digital illustration as well as my spray paint control. Everyone are so supportive with everyone else’s hobby or business.  A very positive vibe that evolves many people skills.  I am so grateful to create their 6th year anniversary flier! It will be happening at the Honolulu Zoo which explains all the animals in the flier. They are dressed in typical local attire.  They are character illustrations that I see everyday walking around Oahu.  The direction I went toward was a very upbeat and wild flier.  I used the color yellow to show festivity and positivity. I made the blue very bright also and it complimented yellow very well! I then used a texture brush on two corners to harmonize the information and my illustration together.

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